-This is a live-played quotation from "Oh Tannenbaum" on a simple Celeste sound. No click track, just watched the video, decided on the the last 4 bars, and played it. First take, no editing, just liked it, it spoke to the picture's simplicity, not trying to hit anything visually other than the character of the piece.

Below are five different scores for the same video, ranging from simple music choices that are mood or situation setters, to multi-layered tracks that hit every visual element.The animation is quite simple, which lets the music and sound design create the different atmospheres.

Conceptually the same as above, a quotation from a Greensleeves rendered in the familiar sound of the Vince Guaraldi Trio, with minimal audio posts, just trying to create a nostalgic melancholy reminiscent of "Linus and Lucy".

With wind and distant sleigh bells, the sound design sets up a dramatic guitar theme framing the night sky. The visual elements have been hit, but the music and fx are understated, normally this audio track would be mixed quieter.

Stars, wise men, and a hint of myrrh. Use of double reeds, bassoon and english horn, in parallel fifths with bass clarinet, create a middle eastern tonality which is enhanced by the strumming of a Persian santoor.

Orchestral fanfare, building a crescendo to announce the start of the holiday season. Using the orchestral sections to create drama, starting with the melody in the wind section, amplified by the brass, accented by the harp and percussion, and culminated with a tutti string climax.