Jingle Package A

(Rhythm, Strings, Brass, Singers) ($9500)

1-full rhythm track includes live drums + percussion (2 players)

2-full instrumental track includes guitar, piano + bass (3players)

3-full string arrangement includes 4 violins, 2 cello + 1 viola (7 players)

4-full brass arrangement including 2 trumpet, 2 trombone, 2sax (6 players)

5-vocal arrangement with backup vocal chorus + group of solo lead vocalists

(2 male +2 female)


Jingle Package B


1-Full Rhythm Track

2-complete horn or string arrangement (VSL)

3-piano bass drums giutar (4 players)

4 vocalist share leads and backgrounds


Jingle Package C


1-all music tracks sampled and sequenced

2-vocalists sing lead + background vocals

All jingle packages include all possible permutations of each :60 mix

including instrumental mixes, open only, close only, donuts, dbl donuts etc...

These production prices are based on a full sing :60 music pieceeach package includes :

10, :30 versions of all permutations

Each original music piece can be licensed for certain period of time and

location or could be treated as a complete buyout where the buyer would

own the recording masters in perpetuity

call 716 884 3576 for info

or email jim@jvcmusic.net